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Is HVAC Preventive Maintenance Worth It?

Air Conditioner repairman explaining cost of repairs to homeowners

At Arise Services we know your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is a huge investment in your home. That’s why we recommend regular preventative maintenance. It is an investment in your investment.

Oftentimes our clients in Cedar Park, Texas, ask us if it’s really worth it. Does preventative maintenance pay off?

Our response is always a resounding yes – it is definitely worth it. In fact, the majority of cooling and heating emergency service calls are a direct result of a lack of proper maintenance.

Maintenance Benefits for You

You can experience many benefits as a direct result of preventative maintenance. When you regularly maintain your system, you will:
• Save energy and money. When your cooling and hating system is regularly cleaned and checked, it will operate at its peak performance and most energy efficient. This saves you energy, producing lower energy bills, thereby saving you money as well.

• Prevent unnecessary repairs. Since your system is checked on a regular basis, wear and tear on parts can be identified by our professionals and addressed. This action reduces the middle-of-the-night breakdowns and accompanying costly repairs. Also, when your system is cleaned regularly, your system runs more efficiently, avoiding extra stress on your system’s components.

• Improve your indoor air quality. Scheduling regular cleanings cuts down on the dirt-and-debris buildup in your system. This means less of this finds its way into your home’s air flow and into your lungs. Additionally, changing your filter every month allows it to do its job and block dust and particles from proceeding to the general air flow, giving you high indoor air quality. According to ENERGY STAR®, airflow problems can reduce your system’s efficiency by up to 15 percent.

• Extend your system’s life span. Ensuring your cooling and heating system is cleaned and maintained allows your system to operate as the manufacturer intended. With few problems and repairs, your system’s life span can increase, once again saving you money.

• Keep your manufacturer’s and installation company’s warranties valid. Many manufacturers require that professional maintenance be performed in order to maintain your warranty. Some are now asking for proof that professional maintenance was performed within the past year before approving warranty claims.

• Save time/gain peace of mind. When you participate in one of our preventive maintenance programs, you save the time and hassle of remembering to schedule your seasonal check-up appointments. Our professionals will contact you to schedule your appointments and will take care of the maintenance for you. This saves you time and lets you rest, knowing your system is functioning properly and most importantly, safely.

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