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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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As a service company, we continue to be diligent in our regard for the health and safety of those who are susceptible to the threat of Covid-19 as we enter our Phase III Safety Protocols.
In our continuing effort to keep our customers and staff healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak, our Covid-19 protocols are modified to the following policies and practices, effective immediately.
As conditions continue to evolve, we will remain vigilant in our response to this epidemic, as we are directed and led by local, state, and national authorities. We want to reassure our customers and staff that we are doing everything within our power and authority to ensure their health and safety.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at 512-267-5000 if you have any questions at all.
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Arise Services COVID-19 Safety Protocols, Phase 3

The following precautionary tasks are performed on a daily basis and more often as needed:

Staff will record their body temperatures each morning upon arrival at the office.

Staff will be working together to ensure common areas within the company office, warehouse and vehicles are disinfected with an approved anti-bacterial product. Staff will use approved anti-bacterial product to cleanse their company and personal equipment such as cell phones, telephones, keyboards, desk equipment, tablets, laptops, desktops, personal writing utensils, etc. Staff utilizing company vehicles will use an approved anti-bacterial product to sanitize vehicle door handles, steering wheels, dash controls, keys, mirrors, etc., in addition to tools used during the course of the workday.

In addition to our internal sanitation practices, we implement the following protocols for customer interaction (see for recommended COVID-19 business practices):

A minimum of 6’ social distance will be observed between customer and staff member whenever possible.

Staff are required to sanitize hands thoroughly throughout the day.

Staff entering a customer’s home or business will don clean nitrile gloves, shoe covers and masks when requested or where required. When possible, the staff will ask the customer to open doors, turn on lights and change the thermostat settings in an attempt to limit touching surfaces while indoors. Gloves and shoe covers will be disposed of when leaving a customer’s home or business, and new gloves and shoe covers will be used at the next customer site.

No sharing of equipment, cell phones, writing devices or other handled materials with other staff members or customers.
At the customer’s request, we can process paperwork and payments in a contact-free method. We encourage our customer to discuss these options with our staff.

In our efforts to continue to safely serve our customers and protect our staff, our dispatching criteria is now modified to include the following questions regarding the customer’s exposure or susceptibility to Covid-19 and the health of the customer’s household before an appointment is scheduled.

The dispatcher will follow this phone script and procedure when scheduling and following up on any appointment at a customer site.
(beginning of phone script)

These are our Phase 3 protocols we are following in our response to the COVID-19 issue.

We continue to take precautionary steps to protect you and our staff from the threat of Covid-19 and are regularly updating our safety protocols to follow the latest recommendations from the government and the CDC. These guidelines are posted on our website

Our staff are recording temperatures each morning and using disinfectant products. We are following the 6 ft. social distancing guidelines with our customers. We are wearing nitrile gloves, shoe covers, and masks where required or upon customer request.

At your request, we will handle paperwork and payment in a contact-free method. Please discuss these options with our technicians.

Are there any current concerns in your household that we should be aware of, such as:

Anyone in the household with fever, flu, or respiratory symptoms?
Anyone in the household that is in self-quarantine due to possible exposure?
Anyone in the household in the high-risk category that we will interact with?

Are there any additional safety precautions you would like our technicians to follow?
(end of phone script)

If there are any concerns about the health and safety of our customer or technician, it is our policy that we reschedule this appointment for a later date.

If we are unable to get clear confirmation on the COVID-19 questions, the technician will be notified to ask those questions at the door before entering the house. If there are any concerns for the health and safety of our customer or technician, the staff member will be unable to enter the home or business and will notify dispatcher immediately for rescheduling.

If, at any time, the technician has any concerns, he should stop what he is doing and contact the dispatcher immediately to report the concern and to gain direction on responsive action.

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