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ACE Maintenance Program

New Recommendations from the TCEQ—Have You had Your AC Serviced Recently?

In June, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality posted a bulletin to inform Texans that up to 18 percent of our household's energy usage is dedicated to cooling (the national average is 12 percent).

TCEQ's "Take Care of Texas" campaign encourages households to reduce energy consumption by doing the following:

  • Staying up to date with maintenance on air conditioning units
  • Routinely replacing air filters
  • Cleaning air conditioner coils and keeping debris and foliage away from the outdoor unit
  • Maintaining and repairing aluminum fins on coils
  • Cleaning out condensation drains.

To learn more, please visit the TCEQ website here.

Call Arise at 512-267-5000 to schedule your AC check-up and maintenance today to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency. This benefits all Texans.


Preventive Maintenance and Preferred Customer Plans

It is said that the best offense is a good defense.  An Arise Comfort Experience (ACE) Maintenance Plan is your best defense to ensure your home comfort system is running at peak efficiency at all times.  Our expert service technicians perform routine maintenance and thorough inspections of your AC system to ensure your system is in the best working order.  We also provide you with a comprehensive condition report with measurements that can be tracked year-to-year.  Call Arise today to learn more about our ACE Maintenance Program.

Arise Services offers several levels of maintenance plans to meet every need.  As an ACE Customer, you will receive priority scheduling, additional benefits and discounts while having the confidence that your cooling and heating systems are properly maintained and functioning at maximum capacity and efficiency.

  • Multiple plan options from which to choose
  • Plans can be set up on an easy monthly draft or renewed on an annual basis
  • Appointment reminder service
  • Filter maintenance or replacement service can be included in your maintenance agreement
  • Your agreement is fully transferrable and can be cancelled at any time

Call Arise Services to discuss which ACE plan best meets your needs.

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